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It’s easy to understand the cult of Dutch ovens. This cast-iron workhorse was everyone’s kitchen obsession way before the Instant Pot was even invented—and you can score a heavy-duty 6-quart Dutch oven on Amazon for just $45.

The Dutch oven is the original one-pot multitasker for making soups and stews, simmering sauces, braising meat, cooking pasta, baking bread—actually, it’s hard to think of something a Dutch oven can’t do. And when you’re not using this candy-colored gem, it just sits there making your kitchen look prettier. What’s not to love?

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have hundreds of bucks to burn on a brand name pot. Well, today’s your lucky day, because according to more than a thousand five-star reviews, this unbelievably affordable AmazonBasics model is a game-changer.

“This is my first cast iron Dutch Oven and [I’m] amazed how wonderful braised meats turn out. I should have bought one years ago,” writes one customer who’s finally discovered the wonders of cast-iron cooking.

“I really like this Dutch oven! I’ve never had one before, and didn’t want to pay for the name brand. This does a great job!,” says another Dutch oven convert who’s been getting “surprised compliments” on their soups and stews. 

Another simply asks, “Where have you been all my life?,” and honestly, that’s the proper reaction to using a Dutch oven for the first time.

But don’t just listen to the newbies. Seasoned pros are hooked on this pot too. “I have purchased a total of 4 of these, since 2002,” says this repeat customer who is practically recruiting everyone they know onto the Dutch oven bandwagon. “Why? Because my dinner guests/family are so impressed with them that I find myself ‘gifting them out.’ The price is on point, the quality is stellar, and I’ve made some great recipes!”

“This dutch oven is the REAL DEAL!,” echoes another enthusiastic customer. “It is very well made and I know this will last the rest of my years! I made a chicken tamale pie recipe the first night I got it and it was OUTSTANDING!”

Even the professionals are weighing in. “I’m a good cook and I own a successful restaurant,” says one experienced customer who has made the Dutch oven “my new all purpose pan at home.” And this reviewer is not mincing words when it comes to high-end competitors, saying, “Other brands should be embarrassed with their pricing. There is NO reason to spend on Staub/LeCrueset.”

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