Lifestyle: Keto diet secret weapons real people used to lose tons of weight — and keep it off 2020

Today I have put together a wide range of Keto diet secret weapons real people used to lose tons of weight — and keep it off. Top Review Lifestyle gives you the latest fashion and beauty trends, home décor pointers, food and recipe ideas and reviews, relationship advice, travel. Enjoy your beauty and do admire that of others. Take it away. Cheers!

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Following the keto diet isn’t easy. For starters, it requires severely cutting back on carbs and sugars, which show up in a lot of foods — and are admittedly delicious.

It also requires careful calculations of your daily macros in order to get and keep your body in ketosis, the state when your body burns fat for energy. And then you have to find a way to feed yourself keto-friendly foods every day with enough variety so you don’t get sick of the whole thing.

It’s no wonder, then, that the diet is notoriously hard to follow, especially for the long term. Still, plenty of people are on the keto diet and have huge success with it.

We tracked down several keto fans and got their tips on the products that helped make and keep their journey to ketosis seamless. Here are their recommendations.

Health coach Tracee Gluhaich tells Top Review Lifestyle that she adopted the keto lifestyle “after a lot of research … and I absolutely love it.” This kit, which is among her must-haves, uses blood testing to get an accurate read of your ketone and glucose (blood sugar) levels. To use the device, you prick your finger, put a drop of blood on a testing strip, stick it in the machine and get your results. “The strips are very reasonably priced compared to all the other brands,” Gluhaich says.

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